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Praneeth Chaturanga is being treated in India right now. The family wants to
thank all those who helped them in this regard.


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Dear All,

I started this blog since a request came seeking funds for an operation for a child who suffers from Leukemia. But I have no knowledge or experience in the medical field. It would be great if someone from the medical field volunteers to help me here. If any queries come about the posts here, I can email those queries to the volunteer and he/she can answer those medical related queries. I also cannot take the responsibilities of financial transactions for the patients. I will only include bank details of the relevant patient here. All the medical reports, recommendations available will be scanned and added for your perusal.

Gayani Pushpa Kumari
Mahavilachchiya, Anuradhapura

Offer a helping hand to save a child suffering from Leukemia

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Praneeth Chaturanga is a student of Harischandra Walisinghe Maha Vidyalaya, Anuradhapura who is reading for his G.C.E O/L in Year 11. Everyone knew him as very energetic and bright in his studies. He also participated in many sports. He had a happy and contended life with his parents and only younger brother. His parents eagerly looked forward to a bright future for their children.. They did everything to care for him and to help in his studies towards the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination to be held in December 2007.

Young Praneeth Chaturanga has had a sudden change in his life following what appeared as a simple cold and fever. The fever lasted for more than two weeks, and the parents admitted the child to the Anuradhapura General Hospital. Within a day of hospitalisation, the results of the investigations, which shocked the parents beyond belief, were with them: their loving son had leukemia – a type of cancer of the blood.

The news shattered the parents, but their son is yet unaware of the reason why he is in hospital. He thinks it is just a fever with cold, and that he will be all right soon with the blessings of the Triple Gem, as everyone who visited him, too, says.

The parents know that their beloved son is at a critical stage in his life and needs all the care. Yet, the son’s only concern is studies. He says, “Amme, don’t worry I missed school and some classes. I will definitely offer you your birthday gift of 10 A’s at my G.C.E (O/L).”

Leukemia is not a common disease. The child’s condition today is quite pathetic and the treatment is very expensive. It costs nearly 4 million Sri Lanka Rupees for the patient to be taken abroad for a bone marrow transplant. Obviously his parents are not able to afford its cost. The specialists are doing their best until he goes abroad for the procedure. The child still has to be given treatment locally. Unfortunately there is nothing more the parents can do other than selling all the property and find one million Rupees.

This humble appeal is for the offer of a helping hand to save Praneeth Chaturanga’s life. Even a Rupee or two would make a big difference in the life of this child and his parents.

Donations may be credited to the special bank account opened for this task.

“Pradeep Chathuranga Fund”
Bank of Ceylon Anuradhapura.
Acc. No: 6888019


Friends, try your best and forward this message to your friends.

If you could assist by publishing a banner or any other announcement on one of your websites, that would help us make this message go further and reach many others. So, please let your friends and their colleagues see it and donate to a save a life.

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